Monday, January 10, 2011

☆St Moritz☆ Tips & Moments

How to survive in the cold looking cool
Mathis Food Affairs - Corviglia
La Barraca
The team for New Years Eve
Hotels: (by ranking)
* Kulm Hotel
* Suvretta House
* Palace Hotel
* Kempinski Hotel.

For lunch time in the pistes, these are some of the coolest options:
* Alpina
* Paradiso
* Mathis Food Affairs (for something more fancy and get overdose with truffle and caviar)

* The terrace of the Hotel Palace it's also great if you don't go to ski and you wanna chill in the sun and sipping the best Bellinis in town.

Cool restaurant where to have dinner but I don't promise food wise are so good, but they are the best ones in St Moritz:
* Chesa Veglia (food ok, but fun place)
* Bellavista (more quiet but food it's one of the best)
* Nobu (Nobu is always Nobu. . .a bit more expensive)
* Post Haus (perfect for something informal and great atmosphere)
* Dracula Club (to be in the mood of continuing partying after)
* La Barraca (very load atmosphere but very unique the place, food it's ok).

* Post Haus (Miss Mass favorite)
* Marios Bar in the Palace Hotel (it's a classic & a must see in St Moritz, they been playing the same music Cd for the past 10 years, Gipsy Kigs, but great atmosphere) 
* Chesa Veglia (gets fun also after dinner)
* The main hall bar of the Palace Hotel (it's very "sceny").

There is not so many options, but the few ones they have, if you are with a nice crew, they can be the best!
* Kings Club
* Dracula Club.

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