Thursday, June 30, 2011

Purchase of the week

Summer didn't even start for me yet, and I'm already buying winter stuff... I been looking for so long for a pair of boots like that. I couldn't resist the temptation... 
These cool boots are from TopShop

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

♕ Miss.Jewelsdelicious ♕

This past weekend a friend of mine took me to an amazing multi-brand boutique called Open Ceremony [].
In that store is where I had love at first sight with my new favorite jewelry designer, Delfina Delettrez [].
Delfina Delettrez Fendi has a very prominent future.In addition to her talent, she carries a very well-known last name, Fendi.

Her creations are one-of-a-kind pieces very avantgarde, gothic and surreal. Her strong and determined personality are reflected in her pieces which looked like they were designed straight out of her dreams.  They remind  me to Salvador Dali's paintings.
The only problem with her creations is that because she uses precious stones and they are one-of-a-kind pieces, the prices starts from $800. I guess, this is the price that you need to pay if you want to be part of the exclusive elitist group of shoppers, who have the class and the money to buy Delfinas unique pieces.
I put together some pictures of my favorite designs. Also, I had the opportunity to try on the most unbelievable bracelet and Delfina captured me with her delicate delicious-delicious jewels!!   

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

NoLita ★STYLE★

Look of the day:
Blouse- Balenciaga
Customize ripped shorts- Diesel
Ballerinas- Repetto
Bag- Miu Miu 

Gold frame vintage sunglasses- Ray-Ban (Store in Los Angeles)
Spikes necklace- Bimba & Lola
Multiple charm bracelets- I bought it many different trips
Watch- Rolex

Miss Mass Touch:
This Balenciaga blouse (is made it with the same fabric they use for parachutes) was part of a set of two pieces (skirt & blouse). I bought it a long time ago for a wedding and never wore after till I started to mix it with more casual clothes and now I'm in love!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Michael Jackson ★STYLE★

Look of the night:
Tank-top - TopShop
Beaded Michael Jackson jacket- Balmain
Customize ripped jeans- BDG
Customize shoes- Converse
Bag- Balenciaga

Multiple charm necklace- The Argentinean Designer (NYC)
Multiple charm bracelets- I bought it many different trips
Silver ring- Paloma Picasso
Watch- Rolex

Miss Mass Touch:
I bet you guys can notice what's THE PIECE in my look. . .this breathtaking Balmain jacket I haven't wear it in ages. . .is a bit uncomfortable (my hair gets messed-up with the beads).
Last night was the II Anniversary of Michael Jacksons death, thats why I decided to take out of my closet this relic in his honor!
Love you Michael!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Midsummer- Swede for one night

Last night, one of my best New York friends, Emilia, invited me to a house party to celebrate Midsummer
Midsummer is a typical North European holiday that originated in Sweden many years ago.

The celebration took place in the breathtaking Soho apartment of a Swedish friend of Emilia. I felt like I was in Sweden for one night.
Even thou New York's weather didn't really feel like summer, everybody was wearing "summery" clothes.
The distinctive touch of this celebration is to wear a beautiful handmade flower crown wreath
The day before the event, I had to go to a "flower store" [Whole Foods Market- 95 East Houston St. NYC] to find a bunch of little flowers and leaves that I used to make my own wreath. Obviously, I didn't have any idea how to do a flower crown, so I went to my girlfriends place to learn.
I had so much fun preparing for this event, that next Midsummer I'm planning to celebrate it like an authentic Swede in Gothenburg with my Swedish girlfriends.
The night was lively, the wine, food and laughter didn't stop flowing all night long. Probably the only word I learn in Swedish was "SKÅL!", it means "Cheers!".

I captured some moments of the night, here you can have a slightly idea whats the Midsummer feels like. . .

Friday, June 24, 2011

I decided to post some of my favorite pictures that my Israeli soulmate Noam Ekhaus took during her stayed in New York.
Aside from being beautiful are full of energy and good memories. Noam is such a great photographer!! Thank you for these shots!!