Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dream Hotel Opening

Two nights ago, Miss Mass attended again to a big New Yorker societe night, the opening of a new trendy hotel, the Dream Hotel.
Like any other glamorous event in the Big Apple, I saw, as usual, the same faces who are regular at these occasions.
The guest list was carefully selected to make sure the ambience of the club was going to be full of the most beautiful jet-setters from all over the world.
Obviously, in this type of ambience full of big ballers, it’s very comment to see as well 5,11’ tall skinny models.
Even if this sounds a bit superficial, I have to mention that I haven’t seen that many good-looking people all together under the same roof in a long time.
You guys can have already an idea of what kind of people were filling the club, now lets talk about the venue. . .
The lobby of the hotel is a pretty conventional yet trendy New York hotel lobby, but it changes completely when you go to the terrace. It has a extraordinary pool with under-water views of that lobby. Another MUST-SEE of the hotel is the lounge on the rooftop, with an incredible 180° views of NYC and with two huge terraces on the sides.

In summary, the night was long and intense. I think in general everybody had a great night, a bit too crowded but that was forgiven because the people rubbing up against us were the coolest people in New York.

I attached some pictures and a video to give you guys and idea what was going on there. I promise next time I will take more shots!!

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