Tuesday, June 14, 2011



After a week of research watching every single show for fall winter collections, here are some of my conclusions of what’s coming for this winter season.

I’m sorry for those who are not really tall because one of the remarkable trends that I have seen repeatedly is the length of everything is super long: extra long coats, skirts below the knee, oversize jumpers and open front dresses extremely long. All these pieces give us a very baggy shape lacking in feminity.
Leathers and furs still ON, as opposed to last year, come in weird colors like green olive, yellow mustard, red bordeau and multiple browns.  Leather and furs are fused with different fabrics, so it should be noted that leather skin gets mixed very often with completely different fabrics.
Also for those who can afford it, python skin is going to be a MUST-HAVE in the closet and is the new “leather”. If your wallet is not as rich as this skin requires, you can go for the python print fabrics.
Laces and see-thru fabrics are the feminine note of this season, especially in nude pale colors.

Miss Mass’s tip for winter: Look in your grandmother trunk  for those extra long,  oversized coats that your mother has forgotten.

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