Thursday, June 16, 2011

OH Land Private Concert

Two nights ago, I went to the private concert of a super trendy Danish singer called OH Land. They were performing at the exclusive club, Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel.
The night started very glamorously with the Danish beauty bombshell taking possession of the microphone and all her hipster followers shaking their bodies on the dance floor. Everything seemed to be like another random night at the sophisticated Boom Boom, but as the night got darker, I started to pay attention to all that people and analyzed them and I realized how fashionable- trendy are the people who frequent this spot.
Everybody was a character, they dressed with there own peculiar personality, very different one from the others but they all fit into the same atmosphere.

Later on, we changed venue, but still in the same hotel, and we went to Le Bain. You can’t imagine what a big difference one place was from the other. They are two completely different sub-worlds living under the same roof.
This time, I took some pictures of the “dark” dirty-edgy world; here are some shots of what you can find in Le Bain.
It’s a must –see spot in the city, but not for those who are very uptight and not ready for some nasty, new sensations and some nude people rubbing next to you.
The spirit of Le Bain is BE FREE AND LET BE FREE!!

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