Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pleasure to meet you Alexander McQueen

In a cloudy Sunday in the city, my girls and I decided to go to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition in the Metropolitan Museum (New York). 
After we spend two hours lining. . .I don't have words to describe the magistral art creations that the genius McQueen had left for us in this recompilation of his work. 
The staging of the exhibition makes you feel you are part of McQueen world. 

My apologize that I couldn't take pictures inside but it was extremely forbidden. So in compensation of that I took some "cool" pictures of my girls and the way we dressed for the occasion. 

Hope you like it!! 


  1. NIce pics ;D

    Cannes by GARANCE DORE

  2. OMG, i'm so jealous! I want to go to NY to visit this exhibition! Too bad, i live in the opposite side of the world! love your blog btw, following you xx