Sunday, December 5, 2010

Out & About- Night Nº1 (Miami Art Basel)

Thursday night, just landed in Miami, first thing I do is turn on my Blackberry and change my “bbm” status to “Miami”.
Mr.Cohen comes to pick us up (by the way, thanks again) and we all go directly to a party in Soho House(4385 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33140). Once there, we have some drinks and food (nothing too special) we bump in to some New York faces, we hear some live music and we’re all set. Ready to start the night!!!
Next stop, Wall in W Hotel(2201 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33139). The place especially in this time of the year is packed full of girls not shorter than 5’10, spenders with tables no less than 3000$, and a few people from the art world getting crazy. Not to mention some celebrities, and half of the New York “Société”.

In my search of fashionistas, nothing really got my attention beside two girls I been seeing them all over and I shot them every time. Very egocentric style but unique. So far I am very disappointed in the lack of knowledge of fashion amongst the supposed “trend setters”.

After been squeezed like sardines for two hours in Wall, we decide to move the crew to Le Baron(1685 Collins Avenue, Miami, FL 33139). Le Baron has to be the hardest door in Miami for Basel managed by Mister Alex. Le Baron resembles the vibe of a decadents of a classic Parisian cabaret filled with smelly hipsters and sprinkled with high-end models.
Once inside we realize it was even more packed than how we were at the Wall, but thank God the “Karaoke Room” exist which was much less crowded.  

People are more underground hipster style, so in fashion blogger terms, I had more to shoot.
After that, we left to an after party in one of the bungalows in W Hotel, it was quite busy and we stayed there till the sun showed up.
Obviously after this intense raging night of mischief and drinking I passed out in less than 5.


  1. Eeliii! El blog està molt bé!! Molt del teu rotllo no?! Ara a tenir constància, és la única cosa important amb els blogs!! Espero que també t'estigui anant tot moolt be. Salut i petons!!