Friday, October 7, 2011

Beauty Essence

1-Healthy ends: L'Oreal Expert Vitamino Color
2-Wood hair brush: Aveda
3-Moisturize conditioner: Giovanni
4-Full volumes shampoo: Fekkai
* A beautiful healthy hair is one of the most important thing for my career, so I'm very careful with the products I choose. 
I always go for the high end brands. You won't find them in a supermarket. I buy them in Ricky's (NYC) or any good hair salon.
I do the same process every time I shower my hair: First the shampoo, I use the full volume one so my natural waves they become more accentuated. Second the conditioner, I leave it on for about 5 minutes to have full moisturize. The last step, I brush my hair with a big wood brush and put some product in my ends to keep them  as healthy as possible. 
I dont use blow-dryers or irons but if you do, try to use the ionic blow-dryer or the ceramic iron. Between the worst, is the best!
1-MY perfume MY fragrance: Creed Silver Mountain Water
*Creed Silver Mountain Water is by far one of my favorite perfumes ever! Is very unique and distinct smell that not a lot of people wears but those who do, I always remember them. Creed smells like class and charisma.
Characteristics: A refreshing infusion of green tea and black currants. As bracing as a pure mountain waterfall in springtime.
  • Top Notes: Bergamot, mandarin
  • Middle Notes: Green tea, black currant
  • Base Notes: Galbanum, musk, sandalwood, petit grain
1-Sun-kissed mostruize: Nivea Sun-Kissed Legs
2-Self-Tanning body lotion: La Prairie

3- Body lotion: Johnson&Johnson Baby Cream Oil
4- Baby oil gel: Johnson&Johnson Baby Oil Gel
*Now that winter is around the corner, it's when the skin needs intensive care. 
My skin in winter gets pretty pale so that's why I try to keep my skin bronze with some self-tanning lotions like the La Prairie one or Nivea sun-kissed for the legs.
Also don't forget to moisturize it with any body lotion. I don't put it on the low part of my legs to avoid ingrown hairs or pimples. It's a little trick that the lady who does my waxing told me. It works!

1-Foaming cleanser: Neutrogena Visibly Even Cleanser
2-Redness sensitive skin: Avene Treatment cream for localize redness
3-Lip balm: Petit Bateau vanilla lip balm
4-Face lotion: La Prairie  Advanced Marine Biology day & night moisturize
5- Lift age correcting cream: Estee Lauder Lift Age Correcting Cream
6-Face sunscreen: Eucerin everyday protection SPF30
7-Eye makeup remover: Neutrogena waterproof makeup remover
*My face is my money machine so I really take care of it.
In the morning I put some sunscreen  face lotion SPF30 and on top of that La Prairie moisturize. 
I wash my face every night before going bed with the Neutrogena foaming cleanser after I put some anti aging cream around my eyes and sometimes if my nose is red I use the Avene redness treatment.
Prevention is protection! 

1-Blush brush: Sephora blush brush
2-Shadow brush: Sephora shadow brush
3-Mascara: Maybelline Waterproof Full'N Soft mascara
4-Eye pencil: Chanel waterproof eye pencil #61
5-Lip gloss: Kiehl's Pere Lipgloss
6-Eye shadow: Mac Black Tied Velvet shadow
7-Blush: BeneFit Dande Lion blush
*I'm very simple with makeup. I don't really wear so much stuff, but some times when I'm going out I put some eye pencil and mascara on. 
If I have a big event I love smoky eyes, so I try to create them with this Mac dark shadow. The last touch, some blush, and ready to go!

1- Hair remove machine: Braun Silk-Epil
*Is the closes option, after waxing, to remove hair from the roods. When I don't have time to go to waxing, I use my Silk-Epil for my half legs, armpits and bikini zone. I don't think is painful at all, but some people does.
Its very useful to have one of these machines at home for last minute trips or jobs! 

Hope you liked my beauty post! Stay beautiful!


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