Monday, October 31, 2011

Friday: Trick or Treat

Sorry guys, I wasn’t able to post yesterday. As you can imagine, after looking at these pictures, I’m having one of the craziest Halloween ever! I say “having” because tonight there is even more going on. . .
Thursday night my girls and I we went to Provocateur, where Afrojack was spinning and we had an awesome night. I didn’t have time to upload the pictures yet but I promise I will!
These pictures I’m posting are from Friday night, I dressed like a gothic punk.
The night started in Rose Bar where P.C Valmorbida and Stavros Niarchos they were throwing a very exclusive party with the most selected crowd. From there we went to a old theater in Broadway where the team from 1Oak they organized a Gang of New York party with more than 500 people. Everybody showed up at this party. I never seen something like that, the place was “on fire”!
Enjoy the picture of my night!

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