Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Castings #1 ★STYLE★

Look of the day:
Shorts- Forever21 www.forever21.com
Blazer- H&M www.hm.com
Lace bra- American Apparel www.americanapparel.net
Ballerines- Chanel www.chanel.com
Bag- Prada www.prada.com

sunglasses- House of Harlow www.shopbop.com
Silver bracelet- Flea market in Marrakech 
Silver necklace with charms- I made it myself. I bought the pieces in a store in NYC, M&J www.mjtrim.com
Silver bullet necklace- YSL www.ysl.com
Watch- Rolex www.rolex.com

Miss Mass Touch:
These days I'm wearing almost everyday shorts. For castings they wanna see your legs. I bought this ones this past week, I was running out of shorts... Foerever21 has one of the best shorts selections! Cheap& cheerful!


  1. love that purse! very cute!


  2. Wii me las he comprado! En la tienda de Madrid están ya agotadas. No se ni como las he conseguido! Si las quieres vuela a por ellas! Ademas son Comodisimas!

    Mucha suerte con tus castings y desfiles!

    Kisses desde Spain

  3. Whats you're height and weight ? love your style

  4. Im glad you like my blog! Thats a funny question. . . I'm 1.81cm and I weight 56/57kg. . .Do you wanna know my 100% of mussels or fat?? Aahahah