Monday, November 14, 2011


A week ago I received an inbox from a follower asking me if I could post the same list I did last year with the top ten hot destinations for New Years Eve. 
It's a bit early for me to start to think where I'm gonna go for New Years, but for those who are better planer than I am, here is the list with my suggestion:

1st.- *Trancoso, Brazil
2nd.- *St.Barth, French West Indies
3rd.- Florianopolis, Brazil
4th.- Punta del Este, Uruguay
5th.- Courchevel, France
6th.- Aspen, (Colorado) U.S
7th.- Careyes, Mexico
8th.- St.Moritz, Switzerland
9th. - Sydney, Australia
10th.- Bali, Indonesia

Miss Mass choice:
1st.- Trancoso, Brazil
2nd.- St Barth, French West Indies 
*I'm still debating where to go because so many of my closest friends are going to all of the top ten locations BUT my closest friends (who also know how to party!) are going to be in Trancoso and St. Barth!

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  1. I was in st Barth last was awesome! All the other places are equally cool, but I usually prefer to spend NYE at the beach...
    By the way I really like your blog and your style, following!