Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Marathon

Wowww guys...I just can say: I'm alive after a party marathon!
This Halloween has been crazy crazy crazy. This weekend was insane in general for NYC. From snow, to Halloween lasting literally 5 days. It was really from Thursday till Monday. I tried to stay in a few nights but when you have friends visiting, it's impossible to skip showing them around. 
Here are some pictures from those nights. My "agenda" has been pretty tight:
Thursday: Afrojack @ Provocateur 
Friday: Rose Bar (Gramercy Park Hotel) + Liberty Theater + Provocateur
Saturday: Brunch @ Lavo + Dinner @ Nobu Downtown + Provo again + Rave party in Brooklyn (we tried to be alternative, but it didn't work, not for me)
Sunday: Privat dinner @ Cipriani Downtown
Monday: House party+ Darby + Electric Room (Dream Hotel) + Provocateur 

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  1. Hello Miss Mass !!
    I'm from brazil and knew your blog by helena bordon's twitter !! by the way she is so pretty ... loved her pictures here !!
    i'm loving your blog !! sucess !!
    xoxo gabi