Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sagrada Familia ★STYLE★

Look for the day:
T Shirt- TopShop www.topshop.com
Sweater- TCN  www.tcn.es
Mink bolero- Vintage (Paris)
Pants- H&M www.hm.com
Bag- Hermes www.hermes.com
Motorcycle boots- Jimmy Choo www.jimmychoo.com

Leather star ring- House of Harlow www.shopbop.com/house-harlow
Fox tail bag hanger- Oak www.oaknyc.com
Animal print foulard- TopShop www.topshop.com
Watch- Rolex www.rolex.com

Miss Mass Touch:
I love to be back home and have a bunch of "new" furs waiting for me. This mink bolero is one of those I haven't wear in ages...I might take it with me back to New York...lets see if it fits in my luggage back to the U.S...

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