Monday, November 21, 2011

Miss Mass Purchase...Versace for H&M

This post doesn’t require much explanation, the clothes speak for themselves!

I did want to share with you my adventure making a purchase from Versace’s limited edition collaboration with H&M.  As many of you know, my personal style involves monochrome colors and simple lines, which is why I’m generally not attracted to Versace’s typically baroque and opulent prints.  However, I love anything in leather and I knew Donatella was designing roughly 5 leather pieces in this collection! I saw a preview of the items and fell in love with three pieces: a cropped motorcycle jacket, a studded leather trenchcoat and a short leather dress.

I planned the trip in advance and woke up early to arrive at the store before 10am.  When I got there, there were already over 50 people in ahead of me! H&M had created a system where customers were given bracelets with specific times they could enter the store.  In previous collaborations (Matthew WilliamsonKarl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli), H&M would open the doors and everyone would rush en masse to purchase items!

Given how many people were in front of me, I feel very lucky that I was able to purchase one of the three items I had my heart set on and thanks to everyone that gave me compliments on my new trenchcoat!

The Trenchcoat:
The Necklace:
The Blouse:

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