Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Look of the day:
Flowery dress- H&M
Loose jumper- Stradivarius
Ballerinas- Pretty Ballerinas
Bag- Chanel

Sunglasses- TopShop
Zebras scarf- Portobello Road (London Flea market)
Multiple charm bracelets- I bought it many different trips
Gold jaguar ring- Vintage (Brooklyn Flea market)
Gold watch- Rolex

Miss Mass Touch:
My tip for today is: Don't be afraid mixing prints, like I did. Specially, if they  are the same range of tones, is less risky. I mixed flowers and's all about nature!!


  1. Me encanta la bufanda!! Me gusta mucho la combinación del vestido con el jersey... Aunque aquí ahora hace demasiada calor para eso!!
    Me gustó mucho descubrir tu blog!!!

    Xxx desde Formentera!! :D

  2. What does it mean A.C style?

  3. It means AIR .CONDITIONER. Very comment in the U.S, so thats why sometimes in the middle of summer you have to dress a cardigan and even a scarf. . . because A.C there so strong!! So thats why I decided to call it A.C Style