Sunday, August 14, 2011


ⒹAY What to do, Where to go:
Beach Clubs:
* Nikki Beach- The top of the luxury extravagance with lots of chutzpa!
* Les Palmiers- Sophisticated daytime social club with excellent food.
Club 55- Full of posers, but still fabulous!
Stefano Forever- New York scene invades Saint Tropez.
* Le Voile Rouge- It looks like a Champagne Warriors Institution

ⓃIGHT What to do, Where to go:
* Villa Romana- Is a past glory restauran but lots of fun.
* Joseph L'Escale- Flashy restaurant but perfect to don't get bore.
* Brasserie de les Arts- Is an upgrade version of Villa Romana.

* Les Caves du Roy- Excentric-Extreme-Clubbing-Hot-Spot
* V.I.P Club- They bring the best Djs and celebrities.

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