Sunday, August 14, 2011

☼ Bikini Summer Set ☼

Summer set:
Bikini- Michael Kors
Hat- Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses- Linda Farrow Limited Edition
Sunscreen- Heliocare SPF50
Headphones- Bose

Miss Mass
 Bikini Summer Tips
I'm gonna tell you some tricks and tips I follow every time before I expose myself in public with a bikini on. Specially in these locations I go, like Saint Tropez, Ibiza, Mykonos Sardegna...there is a lot of visual pressure (this is my personal impression). 

* Don't eat too much before and during you wearing a bikini, you don't wanna look too bloated.
* I always put sunscreen before (I use SPF50, the higher the better!) so it makes the right effects, I'm very conscious about the harmful effects of the sun.
* I just allow myself to drink one Diet Coke before lunch, it kinds off  full me up before eating. Try to avoid soda drinks, too many bubbles aren't good!
* The beginning of the summer I put some lemon juice on my hair, so it gets an amazing gold blond tone.
* Right after a long boat or beach session I leave my hair with olive oil for a while to recover the damage.
* The dish of the summer when I'm wearing a bikini is gazpacho, super refreshing, low calories and very filling.
* 90% of my bikinis are strapless, just for one reason, LESS MARKS!

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