Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pool Beach Club

It's crazy how many friends of mine from all over the world went to Saint Tropez at the same dates I was, the last week of July, exactly for my birthday!!
So basically every day I was with different group of friends from different countries. Luckily I got the opportunity to catch up with friends that during the year I didn't have the chance to see them.

After a long night we woke up pretty late and we went to Pool Beach for brunch, it was my first time there. We met up with some frinds from Miami.
As a typical late lunch in the South of France, we ate some  excellent fresh fish and some cold rose was the main drink in the table! 
After a long lunch eating, drinking and chatting we moved to the sun-beds to chill and tan. The best music hits of the summer were playing nonstop and people even started to dance.
The atmosphere was pretty chilled compared to some other beach clubs I been but the food was amazing!

The Pool Beach Club is the perfect spot for those days that you are not in the mood to see too many familiar faces but you want to have lunch with great music.

Here I posted the best pictures of my day and on the next one I'm gonna attach a video of the place, so you can have an idea where I was. 
Hope you like it!

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