Saturday, August 27, 2011

╰☆╮ℳiss ℳass & Irene╰☆╮

Hi everyone as you might have already heard in the news, all of New York area is expecting to get hit by hurricane Irene in the next few hours. You guys will not believe how panic stricken people are around here. I don't know if it's going to be as bad as the news is forecasting; Americans, they always overreact. Yesterday, there was an hour wait just to do grocery shopping, Everyone is hysterical! 
Anyway I will try to take some pictures from where I live, Soho, to show you guys how deserted is it in here. Lets see if tomorrow we have internet...

These images I took in Cadaques, a beautiful village north from Barcelona, my sister has a house there. The painter Salvador Dali used to spend his holidays there too.


  1. Hola, tu cara me suena mucho de verte en algún desfile en en la tv o no sé tienes alguna hermana mayor k sea modelo?

  2. Mi hermana y yo somos modelos...."las hermanas Mas" yo soy la pequena, Elisabeth Mas. Espero que te guste mi blog!! Xxx