Friday, August 5, 2011

Stefano's Pool Party

Officially, that's my first pool party I went this summer
Even I was in France, that party was organized by Americans. It's call Day&Night, they threw the party at Stefano's Forever, it's a pool club in St.Tropez.
This event is run by the coolest twins around called Derek and Daniel who do the best brunch parties in New York. They also have a restaurant in NY called MPD. Their St.Tropez launch was nothing but spectacular! Great people, amazing food and very good music... all the New York "faces" they were there!


  1. is that didi in the grey skirt?
    u look so pretty, darling

  2. Ahahah she looks like but no, she is not, she is my girlfriend from high school, Nuria. You can't believe hoc many people confuse her with Didi!