Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Boat Time

Sorry guys I’m not blogging what I’m doing right on the spot, but as you might know, in St Tropez I didn’t have access to internet so it was impossible to update you on time.
Basically I’m posting what I’m doing with a week of delay, but I promise you guys, the waiting is worth it!
These following pictures are from my last day in St Tropez. I had an amazing day in my Swedish friends boat!
This is going to be my last post from St Tropez. After Saint Tropez I flew direct to Ibiza to meet up with my Brazilian and German friends. It’s all about nationalities, makes my life easier to explain it to you. Anyway, hope you can be patient and wait for this next following posts about my trip to Ibiza!
Have a good day all of you!!

1 comment:

  1. Has disfrutado de días de sol , de navegar y de amigos! Igual que yo, el mejor plan de verano sin duda!